Dr. Gregory Hillyard Patient Reviews

Dr. Gregory Hillyard is a Media, PA dentist that is committed to the long-term health of his patients. He aims to ensure that patients are comfortable whenever they visit his office, whether it is for a routine dental cleaning or a more in-depth dental treatment. Call 610.756.0649 or schedule an appointment with Dr. Hillyard online and learn what patients have to say about the level of care Dr. Hillyard provides below:

Patient Reviews Media, PA dentist


“Dr. Gregory Hillyard has been our family dentist for many years. Whether visiting the office for a routine cleaning or major dental work you will find Dr. Hillyard a caring, gentle, and compassionate dentist. His genuine concern for his patients does not stop at the end of the procedure. He makes himself available if any complications should arise. Your comfort is his main concern. His staff of hygienists is competent and thorough. His office staff is always welcoming. The eye to eye contact and friendly greeting set the tone for the visit to follow. Dr. Hillyard makes himself available for early morning and evening visits. The office is equipped with the latest technology to give the best dental care possible. I am pleased to give Dr. Hillyard and Associates a five-star rating.” -G. Buffum


“I have been a patient of Dr. Hillyard for quite a long while now. I am always greeted with such welcoming office staff. They are accommodating whenever appointments may be inconvenient and most helpful in all ways. The hygienist I have also had the pleasure of seeing every time I go to the office not only does a wonderful job in the 6-month cleaning but she always has some “pearls of wisdom” to offer and an enjoyable conversation. Although no one really “looks forward to or enjoys” the dental experience, I must say going to this office has always been an enjoyable visit (not to mention, my teeth are well cared for).” -M. Schauble


“My husband and I have been patients of Dr. Hillyard since he first started his practice. We retired to Maryland 12 years ago and still travel to PA every 6 months for our dental check-ups with Dr. Hillyard and his fantastic staff. You couldn’t find a better, more caring dentist than Dr. Hillyard and his daughter who has joined his practice….they’re the best!” -K. Davis