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Dr. Gregory Hillyard and Dr. Alexandra Monroe provide quality restorative, cosmetic, and general dental services to families in Media, PA. We afford patients various treatments to accommodate their entire family’s oral health needs. Family dentistry can include teeth cleanings, dental crowns, dental bridges, and gum disease treatment. From routine preventive care to advanced solutions, our dental team is equipped for the highest standard of care.

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Early and Advanced Dental Care

Children’s dental visits include dental cleanings, digital X-rays, and examinations. Preventative treatments that help fight cavities are included in these visits. Younger patients are more cavity-prone due to sugary diets and difficulties brushing and flossing.

As patients age, we can advise them on at-home dental care, orthodontic treatment, and wisdom teeth removal. Regular dental visits are also important to establish a relationship with the dentist. These routine visits also help reduce the stress and anxiety often associated with dental care.

Family Dentistry in Media, PA

Our practice has a long tradition of family dental care in Media, Pennsylvania. We are a family-run practice that began in 1909 by Dr. Hillyard’s grandfather. Many families in Media, PA, and the surrounding areas have been loyal patients at our practice for decades. Dr. Hillyard and Dr. Monroe treat multiple generations of patients.

Our team has built long-standing relationships and created ongoing preventative treatment plans to ensure patient’s long-term stability. We know that the teeth and gums grow and change over time. Our children’s dental services are tailored to the individual child’s unique needs. Our hygiene team provides age-appropriate advice for at-home oral hygiene. This advice helps young patients learn to care for their teeth and gums independently.

A lifetime of good oral health and wellness begins with early dental care. Establishing a good daily oral hygiene routine for your child supports their oral health development. We strive to be a partner in your family’s healthcare with personalized dentistry performed in a caring, compassionate environment.

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Accommodating Your Family’s Needs

We treat patients of all ages. Dr. Hillyard and Dr. Monroe aim to accommodate all of your family’s needs in the most convenient manner possible with:

  • Early morning hours so you can visit our office before work
  • Evening hours every Wednesday
  • Flexibility to bring your entire family at once
  • Emergency dental care

Our friendly dental team is committed to treating patients with compassion. They accommodate patients of all ages for comfortable and stress-free dental visits.

Work and after-school activities can make it difficult to make dental visits. Our office easily fits your schedule so you and your child can receive dental care.

What are Dental Sealants?

The natural grooves in the teeth are too deep to clean once molars erupt. Food debris can stick to tooth grooves and attract harmful bacteria to the back teeth. However, using air abrasion, we can remove debris from these grooves and then use a sealant.

A sealant is a thin resin or glass ionomer coating that we place on the back teeth. Sealants create a smooth and easy-to-clean surface. This treatment decreases the likelihood of tooth decay in younger patients. We will recommend sealants once the first molars emerge and then after the second molars emerge. Patients between six and fourteen are good candidates for sealants after their dental cleanings.

Family Dentistry FAQs

We will review answers to commonly asked family dentistry questions below:

Is a fluoride treatment worth it?

Yes. Fluoride treatments help prevent tooth decay. A fluoride treatment is especially beneficial for people with a high risk of developing tooth decay. Fluoride will attach to dental structure and make teeth stronger. Our fluoride treatments can even reverse cavities at their initial stage, stopping them from progressing.

How long do dental fillings last on your teeth?

Dental fillings last 5 to 10 years with proper oral health care. However, the duration of the tooth fillings depends on the filling material. Some dental fillings are provisional and can last only up to 3 months. The dentist needs to replace these temporary fillings even if they are intact. Moreover, they are not as resistant and aesthetically pleasant as a regular filling.

At what age should my child go to the dentist?

Experts recommend that your child’s first dental visit occur within six months of the first tooth eruption but no later than their first birthday. The goal of the first dental visit is to allow the dentist to examine the child’s teeth and gums, develop a treatment plan if necessary, and answer any questions the parents may have.

What does a full dental exam include?

A full dental exam includes an extensive analysis of the patient’s gums, teeth, and jaw. You will also receive a dental X-ray. The dentist will examine each area and create a personalized dental treatment plan. The most common conditions dentists search for are cavities, broken teeth, signs of teeth grinding, gum disease, and even cancer.

How often should my dentist take dental X-rays?

Your dentist should give you a dental X-ray at least once a year. However, it depends on the case. People with high tooth decay risk need X-ray examinations as frequently as every six months. Not every patient has the same risks, so some patients may not need X-rays as often as others.

What can dental X-rays detect?

Dental X-rays are a good tool for diagnosing early tooth decay and assessing bone loss. Sometimes, they can show cavities that are not visible clinically. They can also help to evaluate existing restorations and infections on the bone.

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If you have any questions about their dental treatments, feel free to ask. They will be happy to help. Additionally, if you have been away from the dentist and want to restore a healthy smile, we offer treatment for complex dental problems.