Digital Dentistry: improving the patient experience

digital dental impressions in media, pa

What is digital dentistry?

Dr. Hillyard and Dr. Monroe often incorporate the use of digital technology when evaluating the dental health needs of a patient, performing a dental procedure or planning for a smile makeover. Digital technology and the use of high resolution of digital imagery has enabled our Media, PA dental office and dental care team to improve the patient experience in many ways.

Digital Dental Records

From the moment you enter our office, digital dentistry can make your visit more efficient with the use of digital dental records. Your dental health history is easy to access, transfer to specialists as needed and manage during visits. When we take dental x-rays, patients receive minimal exposure to radiation with the use of digital technology. Your images are immediately uploaded and available to our dental care staff for evaluating the health of your smile.

Digital Impressions

Dental impressions needed? No problem- we use Trios digital technology to scan your teeth and gums. A convenient handheld scanner is able to be used chair side and immediate high-resolution imagery is uploaded for use in treatment planning. No more messy trays that often initiate the gag reflex. Also known as an intraoral scanner, this device can help our dentists find and treat dental problems in the early stages. Patients appreciate the less invasive and more comfortable approach to dental scanning.

CBCT Scanning: in office 3-D imagery

Our in-office 3-D scanner is a highly valuable analysis and treatment planning tool when addressing complex dental concerns such as missing teeth. The ability to obtain these high-resolution, 3-D images in office supports more predictable results and means that patients do not need to travel to a specialist as part of their treatment. Dr. Monroe has advanced training in implant dentistry and with the use of in-office scanning, can offer complete care under one roof for tooth replacement.

The use of digital imagery impacts almost all areas of our dental care, making your time here more pleasant. As a team, we are able to diagnose dental concerns earlier, provide more accurate treatment and deliver a lasting outcome. We will continue to adopt new technology when considered beneficial for the patient and their results. If you have questions about the technology that we use please ask us at your next office visit. We place an emphasis on educating our patients so that they can understand their treatment options and how to care for their smile between visits.