Aftercare Tips for Dentures

Tooth loss may leave individuals struggling with the way that their smile functions and looks. You can replace several missing teeth or an entire arch with removable dentures, an appliance featuring prosthetic teeth attached to an acrylic base and supported with a metal framework.

As you appreciate the restorative benefits of this treatment, you will want to ensure that your new appliance lasts as long as possible. Dr. Gregory Hillyard, a dentist serving patients in Media, PA, provides aftercare advice for patients to get the most out of their dentures.

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How to Maintain Your Dentures

Continue Good Oral Hygiene Practices

Taking care of your dentures begins with ensuring your smile stays clean and healthy enough to provide an optimal foundation for this restorative dental treatment. Therefore, you should maintain a thorough oral hygiene routine after receiving your dentures.

This involves brushing your remaining teeth twice each day and flossing daily. If you neglect your oral health, you could risk lingering plaque causing dental problems like cavities and periodontal disease that will alter your smile. This may mean that your dentures no longer fit appropriately, and you will need to seek adjustments from your dental professional.

Separately Rinse and Soak Your Dentures

You should practice a separate cleaning regimen for your removable dentures as well. Though these fixtures will resist staining and decay, they can still accumulate plaque and other residues that may affect your oral health.

You can brush your dentures using a specialized cleanser every day. Rinse your appliance before placing it back in your mouth. But you should avoid hot water, which may damage your dentures.

When not in use, such as while sleeping, you should soak your dentures in water or a cleaning solution. Otherwise, the dentures can dry out, causing the fixture to warp and no longer fit properly. If this occurs, you may need to pay for a replacement appliance.

Attend Routine Dental Appointments

A major part of your oral hygiene regimen should feature scheduling regular preventative care appointments with your dentist. During these routine visits, your dentist will clean excess plaque, tartar, and bacteria from your smile and your appliance.

They will also examine your teeth and gums to ensure you have no dental problems that could impact your health as well as your restorative treatment with your dentures. If you have questions or concerns about your dentures, these appointments are excellent opportunities to let your dentist know about them. With this care, your dentures should last for five years before requiring replacement appliances.

Dentures and More Tooth Replacement Options in Media, PA

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