The Dental Crown Process: Step By Step

Has your tooth sustained structural damage? You will need prompt intervention from your dentist to restore its health before it experiences further dental harm. To reshape and protect a vulnerable tooth, a dentist will usually give the patient a dental crown.

This treatment offers many benefits for the protection and improved function of the tooth. But you can feel more confident about pursuing this dental work when you know what will occur in your dentist’s office. Read on to learn about each step in the process of receiving a dental crown from your dentist in Media, PA.

dental crown procedure in Media Pennsylvania

Discover the Steps to the Dental Crown Procedure

Examining the Damaged Tooth

Before pursuing the restoration of a tooth with a dental crown, a dentist will want to examine the tooth in question. They will check that a crown will be the best way to repair and protect the tooth.

The dentist will also look for other potential dental problems that may need attention before they give the tooth a crown. For instance, if a tooth has decay, the dentist can treat it before placing the cap over the tooth.

Preparing the Affected Tooth

When you and your dentist decide to seek restorative dental treatment with a dental crown, the dentist will begin by preparing the surface of the tooth in question. They will need to remove a minute amount of enamel from the tooth to make room for the ceramic cap.

You will receive a local anesthetic from the dentist to ensure that you do not feel any discomfort during this process. Because the tooth will then be exposed, you will receive a temporary crown to shield the tooth.

Taking a Dental Impression

Before the dentist places this temporary crown over the tooth, the dentist will take an impression of your smile. This can be done with either a physical mold or through digital imaging. The dentist captures the size and shape of your tooth this way, which will then be sent to the dental lab to construct a customized permanent crown.

Constructing a Custom Dental Crown

You will return home with a temporary dental crown as your dentist builds your personal crown in the lab. This process can take two or three weeks. They ensure a secure and comfortable fit that will not disrupt your bite. And they can also make sure the crown looks both gorgeous and natural in your unique smile.

Securing the Ceramic Cap Over the Tooth

Once the crown is ready, you will return to your dentist’s office to have it placed over your tooth. The temporary crown will come loose easily, and then the dentist secures the ceramic cap using dental cement. A final polish ensures your new dental fixture looks and feels its best in your smile.

With proper care, the crown can stay in place after this appointment for fifteen years. Follow aftercare instructions from your dentist to ensure you get the most benefits from your crown.